3 Aspects That Makes Cambridge School Jakarta Stand Out

Global Sevilla is one of the best international schools that implying the Cambridge curriculum as the main approach. Numerous reasons are why Global Sevilla uses this curriculum, including the effectiveness of the learning process. Then, why is Cambridge School Jakarta using the best international curriculum as the main source? Here the answer for you.


Reason Why Global Sevilla Using Cambridge Curriculum


  1. The Curriculum Emphasizes the Students Development

As an international school, Global Sevilla uses Cambridge school as the main source. However, this institution also integrates another program, such as the mindfulness approach. The two aspects work well together because of the benefit. Both try to emphasize personal growth and development alongside academic success. Thus, students will have positive attitudes and better results.


  1. The Curriculum Is Shareable

One of the reasons why Global Sevilla chooses Cambridge as the curriculum because of flexibility. With this in mind, the curriculum has been used by a lot of international schools across the globe. This is why the Cambridge School Jakarta curriculum is easy to integrate and apply in the learning or teaching process. The school can fit in with the student’s necessity to develop the potential abilities.

In addition, the Cambridge curriculum is also flexible to adjust the learning activities.  Thus, the teacher can use and apply numerous methods to adopt in the class. It makes Cambridge have a wide range of subjects and materials since it can combine with the various approaches.  Not only have that, but the teachers can also evaluate and use the newest materials for the class.


  1. The Chance to Accept in Worldwide Education

With the high standard of curriculum, the student has the potential to receive worldwide education. As you know the Cambridge curriculum is also used by the massive international school as the standard assessment and learning approach. Since the curriculum is available for the whole world, then students can easily adapt to international education.

It is proven by thousands of learners from Cambridge School Jakarta that are accepted in universities across countries. The Cambridge requirement and all of its parts, become one of the qualifications for the students to open a bigger chance in the eye of a global educational institution. It is because the students have the abilities and knowledge that help them perform well in the world.

All in all, Global Sevilla International School di Jakarta uses Cambridge Curriculum as the main standard assessment and learning process. It is because the curriculum brings out a high chance for the student to get accepted in worldwide universities. It is also very flexible with numerous materials and subjects that help students grow more advanced in acquiring the learning process.

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